We are here to help you Build for Beyond™

Omni Pay is a group of payments nerds and industry challengers  who  saw our industry  grow  more opaque  and complex every year and decided to do something about it. With a combined 30+ years of payments experience, we have seen it all and are truly passionate about pulling payments out from behind the decades old curtain.  Our drive is to eliminate the friction and confusion in the industry  to  ensure  our customers and their  customers’ success.  Omni Pay is not another faceless corporation, we are partners  with all our customers.

Omni is a proud product and service provider for ICC Solutions testing tools, kits, merchant test cards, and customized certification and testing solutions for merchants and technology providers globally.

We don’t just look like experts.

Omni Pay is a group of payments nerds and industry challengers.

We Specialize and Deliver

Omni focuses on helping our partners and customers accomplish their business targets by reducing exposure to areas outside of their core competence. We do this by being the unconsultants, eliminating the typical roadblocks and dependencies to immediately collaborate and produce results. Omni’s team jumps right into client environments as Extended Team Members, with their primary responsibility to represent your needs and business requirements above all else

Quality Assurance

Our specialty is within quality assurance not just in alignment with our core competency, but also within the services that we render

Customized Components

Every service we render has the potential to be customized to fit your organization and/or enterprise to ensure effectiveness

Solid Expertise

We don’t just call ourselves experts, we have the background, and the proven experience that coincides with a name that our clients vouch for

Expanding beyond a common vision

It’s an exciting and dynamic time for our company. As the leader in an evolving industry, we have the duty and the opportunity to shape a better future for software developers, companies, and enterprises within the FinTech space.


Build employee capabilities to accelerate progress towards our Vision and further evolve the way we work and behave


Continually improve and grow to provide our employees and shareholders a sustainable future vested in success


Prioritize diversity and inclusion in the FinTech space so everyone is properly represented in all facets of business