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OmniPay specializes in all certifications related to payments:

EMV Certification Readiness – Our group of experts are well versed with certification requirements for major payment brands and acquirers. Thereby coming with a proficient knowledge of the accreditation by acquirer / payment brands, we identify gaps and propose solutions.

End to End Certification – We collaborate with processors, complete intake forms, execute and validate certification scripts, submit results to processors.

OmniPay is a leader in providing professionally managed EMV Certification Services and offers a complete set of test suites for payment brand accreditation of contact and contactless EMV test tools.

B2B OmniPay EMV Test Tools

Gain clarity on EMV in transit certifications, including what certifications apply, the requirements, and which parties are responsible for obtaining specific certifications.

EMV Level 3 Certification

EMV Level 3 certification, or brand certification, ensures that the configuration of the software on the devices meets the brand requirements. In the case multiple payment brands are to be supported, all of the respective Level 3 certifications will have to be performed.

Product Description:

ICC Solution’s bundled test tool kit includes contact and contactless test suites qualified by all payment brands to perform EMV Level 3 chip terminal integration tests for brand accreditation and certification of EMV POS and ATMs with ANY Acquirer / Processor (excluding Vantiv and Fiserv).

Designed to be self-contained

The L3 Test Kit features a powerful, user-friendly interface to allow for clear and effective testing.

Transaction logs are easily captured without the need for complex hardware additions, restrictive card adaptors, separate spy software or a huge deck of cards. This kit has been designed to enable development, quality assurance and regression testing in addition to formal merchant certifications.

EMV Level 2 Certification

EMV Level 2 certification is concerned with the validation of the software that implements the payment functionality and that runs on the Level 1-certified device. This software is referred to as a payment kernel. The contactless payment brands to be supported (e.g. Mastercard/Maestro Contactless, VISA payWave, or American Express contactless) determine which of the payment kernels are to be implemented.

Product Description:

ICC Solution’s bundled test tool kit includes test suites to perform EMV Level 2 chip terminal integration tests for Visa, INTERAC, and EMVCo brand accreditation.

L2 Test Suites Includes:​

  • A single software license featuring a full set of the latest test cases

  • 1x Dual Interface Card Reader / Writer

  • Full set of Test Cards for each test suite

  • USB License key enabling access to each test suite

Visa Test Tools

Visa facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world, most commonly through Visa-branded credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards and thus support via testing is a priority for this financial services provider.

Visa Tap2Phone

Giving more payment flexibility, Tap2Phone is designed for seamless phone to phone payments without the need for additional payment hardware. The Visa Tap to Pay program will provide a dedicated platform for U.S. only certified POS solutions that enable optimal tap to pay experiences.


The VCTKS test suite defines the technical differences between the VCPS contactless kernel used in retail acceptance environments and the contactless kernel used in transit acceptance environments, to guide vendors with implementing kernels that can be used in transit acceptance devices.

Visa Contactless

The new Visa Reader/Terminal Test Plan v2.2c has been created as part of Visa’s initiative to encourage test automation and allows for both automation and manual testing. It incorporates Visa contactless v2.2c and Visa ODA test v1.3c.

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