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The cards cover American Express, Discover / Diners, Mastercard, Visa, China UnionPay, INTERAC, Maestro, and JCB.

Yes. There are cards available to test either contact or contactless transactions.

No. You can purchase any of the cards in the packs individually.

The Executive Demo Cards product is our only product that offers dual-interface capability. Contact us if you have a unique request.

No. The cards are intended for basic transaction / confidence testing and training purposes only and are not intended to be used in a live environment.

No. The cards are not suitable for CNP transactions and should only be used with a test host or in training mode on a terminal loaded with relevant payment scheme test keys.

Yes. All cards have encoded magstripe (MSR) suitable for testing fallback.

There are PIN numbers for three scenarios (contact cards only):

  • 1234 PIN Validation Successful

  • 5678 Invalid PIN, one retry left

  • 1122 Blocked PIN

No. The blocked PIN is a simulated scenario, but the PIN is not actually blocked so can be re-used for further testing.

Contactless cards are designed to be used with the contactless interface and should not be inserted into the POS.

When the cards expire you will need to purchase new ones.  For details of expiration dates on the cards please see more information under product description or contact These expiries are provided and set by card brands (ex: Visa, MasterCard) to ensure accurate and realistic testing of payment systems.

The cards contain a mixture of currencies depending on the brand:

  • GBP

  • USD

  • EUR

  • USD

More details are listed on a product’s page.

The cards are suitable for performing offline / online approval test transactions in any country, deferring to the local currency in the terminal where the cards are being used, with card holder prompts in English.

No, these cards are not suitable for use with our Level 3 test tools. Please contact for more information.

We have a solution to emulate payment by mobile phone comprising two contactless test cards, the first card prompting the terminal to request On-Device CVM (Mobile PIN) and the second indicating the Mobile PIN was successfully verified.

High value contactless (HVC) payment is possible with contactless RCTP cards above contactless no CVM limit with transaction approved via Signature or Online PIN depending on CVM supported in the EMV Terminal. However, please note that correct operation will also be dependent on how the EMV terminal / environment is configured that is under test.

All of our test cards can be viewed here. Please contact for any bespoke / customized card requirements.

Orders within the continental United States will typically be shipped between 24 – 48 hours. Bespoke orders can take longer but we will be in contact with you to ensure you know when to anticipate your order.

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