Omni Pay strives to meet and exceed YOUR expectations and requirements. Provided below is our standard warranty and support process. If you come across anything not mentioned that Omni Pay can do to ensure your satisfaction, reach out to us and we’ll do our best to make it right!


  • The products and solutions Omni Pay provides meet your requirements and functional expectations.

  • All test cards are shipped with an expiry date of at least 24 months from date of purchase and are guaranteed to meet or exceed card brand, ISO, and acquirer test specifications.

  • Omni Pay will always provide guidance and help for anything that we sell.


Omni Pay stands by its commitment to you. If you have any inquiries about your purchase, using the product(s), or how to solve a pesky issue, contact us at or 1-800-450-0509

If you are not satisfied with your purchase…

  • Please notify of any order issues within 5 business days of receipt.

  • Once Omni Pay determines how to ensure your satisfaction, we will provide shipping label(s) or next-steps.

  • If so instructed, send the product back for an exchange or refund.

If test cards do not meet the expected specifications…

  • Please notify of product quality issues  within 5 business days of receipt.

  • Omni Pay will assess next-steps and will either prorate the difference or send replacement(s).

  • If needed, Omni Pay will provide a prepaid shipping label for return or exchange of product.

Got a question?

  • We will provide a response within 72 hours with an initial assessment of your question or query.

  • If urgent, please let us know and we will do our best to prioritize your inquiry.


Warranty Process

Contact us at omnipaysupport@ or 1-800-450-0509.

Be prepared to:

  • Provide us with a description of the issue and what you think the best resolution would be.

  • Work together to determine the appropriate solution.

If a return of product is required, we will provide a prepaid shipping label to send the product back for an exchange or refund.

Warranty Coverage

Payment Test Cards

All Omni Pay payment test cards are warranted against the following for 24 months after date of initial purchase:

  • Cards function correctly with the intended interface.

  • Cards are free of any manufacturing defects.

Test Tools & Hardware

All Omni Pay hardware is warranted against the following for 12 months after initial date of purchase:

  • Operates to designed specification.

  • Compatibility with supported software.

  • Compatibility with supported OS and system interface(s).

Licensed Software

All licensed and/or 3rd party software shall be warranted as per the policies stated by such software provider. If applicable, a separate warranty policy will be provided at time of sale for any solution sold by Omni Pay.

Not Covered

  • Intentional or unintentional damage as a result of buyer negligence or misuse.

  • Changes to scripts, software, configuration parameters, or hardware outside of approved product usage.

  • Exportation of product outside of intended region of use.

  • Improper or non-standard usage of product.

  • New requirements, industry specifications, updates or upgrades that are not provided and/or approved by Omni Pay.