Omni Pay cards are as close to production payment cards as currently available in the market – unlike B2 and many other “dummy” cards out there, Omni Pay test cards are approved for technical testing and validation by most acquirers. Provided below is information on how our cards can be effectively used in a testing environment.

Does the card require a specific amount of money to process a transaction?

  • Our cards do not require specific amounts to process transactions, as they are configured to emulate production cards in a test environment.

  • The gateway/acquirer simulator being used to test transactions may have specific amounts that return specific results.

  • Look at any documentation provided by the gateway/acquirer for guidance if you are receiving different responses based on amount.


  • Contactless transactions require Offline Data Authentication (ODA), data that is dynamically and cryptographically generated on the chip of the card, then “negotiated” with the terminal for validation and acceptance.

  • Ensure the payment terminal with which you are executing contactless EMV test transactions is properly configured.


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Does my terminal’s configuration need to be updated?

  • The payment terminal EMV Contactless (CLSS) configuration needs to be updated with the brand-specific CAP Keys to properly support DDA from test chip cards.

Where do I find CAP keys?

  • These values are typically in a configuration xml file that are downloaded by and physically located on the terminal.

  • These test keys must be present in the Contactless EMV configuration on your payment terminal to support contactless test cards.
  • An example of test CAPK keys that will support the full functionality of the OmniPay ICC test cards can be found here:

    (Please note: OmniPay does not own or control the linked website or its contents)